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Advertising on Traveltosaigon

It cannot be denied that travel websites are among the leading ones which attract a huge number of customers. is included in the first online travel "one-stop shops" on the Internet. Our mission is to arrange smooth trips for travelers to Vietnam. Large amount of travel information and e-commerce solutions make Traveltosaigon worthy of its reputation.

And now, Traveltosaigon offers you the opportunity to advertise and promote your products throughout our site. Market your products to our customers, let them know your products and earn more revenue. Traveltosaigon works with you to create the most compelling program for your specific marketing needs.

How can I put advertising banners on Traveltosaigon?

  1. Review advertising rates and additional specifications for the best solution fitting your need. Traveltosaigon banners can be placed in a variety of positions on the pages throughout the site. They come in traditional and untraditional sizes and support many rich media technologies (static banner, anigif, Macromedia® Flash™...).
  2. Fill in advertising contact form and submit it to us.
  3. We will review your contact form and notify you soon of a Banner ID and the instruction how to pay us.
  4. Send us your banner via email with assigned Banner ID. Your banner will be online within two business days.
Let our customers know your products and see your message on TraveltoSaigon!
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