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This is a list of most popular frequently asked questions. Click on the subject you are concerned about to find the answer. FAQs - the fastest way to get response to your problems.


What are the system requirements to browse Traveltosaigon?
What is "cookie" and why does cookie warning appear?
How can I make the font size larger for easier reading?
I have problem when I try to sign in. What happen?
When I pay my order, a secure warning is displayed. What is it?
When I refresh a page, a re-post data warning is displayed. What is it?

Member Account

What is member account and why do I need it?
How can I change my account information (email, password, hint)?
I forgot sign-in password. How can I retrieve it?
How to modify my personal information (contact information)?
How can I customize my mailing list preferences?
As a member, can I view all of my purchased orders (order history)?
I don't want membership any more. Can I unsubscribe it?

Trip Arrangement

What do I need to know before going to Vietnam?
How can I apply a visa to Vietnam?
How is my order delivered?
Which airlines accept checking in without ticket?
Can I check the status of my order?
What should I do if my paper receipt is lost or stolen?
Can I cancel or change booking or trip arrangements?

Purchase and Payment

What is Shopping Cart and how to use it?
I pay via credit card but is my credit card number safe?
My credit car is not accepted by Traveltosaigon. Why?
Is credit card with an international billing address can be used?
When is my credit card charged?
How long will I get the refund?
What is an e-wallet? What benefits does Traveltosaigon e-wallet provide?

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